Traditional Russian Carnival “Maslenitsa” Marked at the RCSC in New Delhi

The traditional annual celebration of the Russian carnival “Maslenitsa” was organised by the Russian compatriots living in India under the joint auspices of the Indian Association of Russian Compatriots and Institute of Russian Language of the RCSC at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture in New Delhi on February 19, 2017.

The Russian Maslenitsa festival symbolises the bidding of farewell to winter and welcoming spring season. Usually, the celebration of this event is replete with excitement, fun and entertainment, folk songs and dances, out-door games such as walking on silts and tug-of-war, merry-go-round (carousel), various competitions and contests, etc.

Russian language students performed famous folk songs as well as modern Russian songs and dances which harmoniously combined traditional folk elements with contemporary actions.

The guests of the festival delightfully tasted traditional Russian dishes – delicious Russian pancakes with honey and jam, pies and cakes with various fillings, different sorts of sweets, etc.

The festive occasion at the RCSC culminated in the burning of a dummy of lady-winter, made of straw, rags and old clothes – symbolising farewell to winter and welcome all the good new things – spring, youth and beauty.

Approximately 200 people participated in the event: Russian compatriots, representatives of CIS Countries in Delhi and their family members, Indian graduates of Soviet/Russian universities and Indian students who learn Russian Language attended the celebration at the RCSC in the colourful, beautiful Sunday afternoon.