Valentin Rasputin Remembered at the RCSC in New Delhi

Rich tributes were paid to Russian writer Valentin Rasputin at a Literary Evening, jointly organised by the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in New Delhi and Parichay Sahitya Parishad, at a Literary Evening dedicated to the 80th birth anniversary of famous Russian writer. The Programme was attended by Ms. Urmil Satyabhushan, President, Parichay Sahitya Parishad, several Indian poets, authors, writers and critics such as Mr. Seemab Sultanpuri, Russian language students, and others. A multi-media presentation conducted by Ms. Tatyana Shipilova, Director, Institute of Russian Language, RCSC, focussed on the life and literary career of the Russian writer Valentin Rasputin (birth: March 15, 1937; Death: March 14, 2015). He was born and lived much of his life in Irkutsk Oblast in Eastern Siberia. His works depict rootless urban characters and the fight for survival of century-old traditional ways of life addressing complex question of ethics and spiritual revival. He is closely associated with a movement in the pre-war Soviet literature known as “village prose” or sometimes “rural prose”. Valentin Rasputin was a winner of the USSR State Prize in 1977, awarded for his novel “To Live and Remember”, Order of Lenin, UNEP Global 500 Roll of Honour and Solzhenitsyn Prise. He served in the Congress of Peoples’ Deputies. From 1980 to 1990, he was appointed to the Presidential Council in 1990. Indian writers, poets, authors, critics and writers lauded the literary contributions of the Russian writers in their brief observations.