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The literary and thematic value of the eminent Russian writer Anton Chekhov found eloquent expression among the audience in Trivandrum when the Russian Centre of Science and Culture organised the staging of the Malayalam adaption of his short story “Lottery Ticket” on October 10, 2017. 
Chekhov’s works are very popular among the people of Kerala, and they imbibe the very soul of his touching plays and stories.
Exactly like Checkov’s other works, “Lottery Ticket” too is very impressive. There are three main characters in the play. Interestingly, this play reflects the undercurrents of the feelings among common men. What makes the play unique is that Checkov gives an opportunity to the reader as well as the viewer to weigh and compare the value of money and love’
In the story, the husband and wife, who love each other, buy a lottery ticket and wins the prize. In a fancy, they start discussing how to make use of the money. The fact remains that they do not have much money, while there existed peace in the family. 
As an irony of fate, the dream over the prize from the lottery ticket created a platform for arguments. Finally, they decided not to claim the prize money, and lead a happy life loving each other instead. Here, Anton Checkov tries to prove that love is superior to wealth. 
The play overwhelmed the audience, and they received it with profound enthusiasm and cheer.
Theatre personality Mr S. Radhakrishna, Director, Training Institute, All India Radio, directed the play. Dr. Ambikatmajan, Nair, Mr Praveen Kumar and Ms Sreelekha Suresh took up the leading roles in the play.
Famous Malayalam film actor Mr. Madhu (Madhavan Nair), in his address, threw light on the meritorious aspects of Checkov’s plays and their influence in Malayalam literature. 
Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and Director, RCSC, Trivandrum, talked about Stanislavkiy and Chekhov. 

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