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The School of Russian Classical Ballet is operating in RCSC since 1982. Children of age-group 5-15 years are being given training in this school. More than 100 children from different countries have the opportunity to get themselves introduced to the wonderful world of ballet. Practically, all willing to get the training without any rigorous selection, most essentially with an interest in choreography and serious and honest attitude to study ballet, can apply for admission.

A professional, Ph.D., teacher – choreographer, Julia Simaeva, is conducting the courses in the School of Russian Classical Ballet. In 1997, she graduated from the Krasnoyarsk Ballet school, with a specialty as a ballet dancer, in 2004, she graduated from the State Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS), Moscow, with the qualification of a teacher of choreography specializing in “Teaching of Choreography”(a course by

T. N. Tuchnina and Y.D. Seh), and also completed refresher courses in the Academy of Russian Ballet, named after of A.Y. Vaganova (City of Saint-Petersburg). Julia has got the extensive experience of working in Russian and international theaters. For more than eight years, she was the soloist of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre.

After the theatrical activities, Julia Simaeva worked as a teacher of classical and character dances in the choreographic school-studio in GITIS (RATI) in Moscow, in the “Yoko Tsukamoto Ballet Company”, in Petersburg Studio Ballet  “ANNA PAVLOVA”, as a teacher-tutor of the classical dances in the studio-school of Ilze Liepa in Moscow.

Our school continues to remain as a key centre of learning basics of the Russian Classical Ballet. A final concert of the school of ballet is organized at the end of each academic year. Also students of the school actively participate in the concerts, being organized in RCSC and at other places in the capital.

Telephone: 23329100 (01)