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One of the most important instruments for developing international cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Russia and India is the support and promotion for the Russian language in the country of residence.

The Representation of Rossotrudnichistva in India systematically and fruitfully works for the progress and promotion of Russian language as a basis of humanitarian cooperation.

The main forms of activities, of the representation and of the training and methodological Centre of Russian language – the RCSC, currently active throughout India, are co-operation with national centres of Russian studies, provision of methodological help to teachers of Russian language, as well as the activities for conservation of Russian language and culture in the families of compatriots.

Caring about the popularization of the Russian language, the Representation helps and contributes to the development of Indian centres of Russian studies.

Strengthening the place of Russian studies in India is being done by expanding the training programmes of Russian language courses at the RCSC, taking into consideration the interest of students, and by developing the cooperation with the local educational institutions.

Russian language courses are attended by about 700 students. In these courses, a monthly seminar is organized on the methods of teaching Russian, in the absence of Russian speaking environment. The Representation takes part in preparing and carrying out scientific and methodological activities in Indian educational institutions, teaching Russian language.

At present, the Russian language is being taught in more than 40 Indian institutions. Most well-known and outstanding among them are the centres of Russian studies in the Jawaharlal Nehru University and in the Delhi University (including in six of its colleges).

The Representation takes active participation in organization and working of international conferences, in conducting courses for updating the qualifications, in the inter-net conferences and webinars.

Teaching and methodological centre (TMC) of Russian language in

The RCSC traditionally distributes teaching and methodological literature to the Indian educational institutions under the project “Russian book as a gift”: received under Federal Target Program (FTP) ”Russian Language 2011-2015”, are distributed to, already included in the project, educational institutions, and also to the new institutions and schools.

With the help of Russian language courses, various thematic open lessons are regularly organized, and in the framework of the project “Russian Cinema”, screening of the Russian films are conducted, with their subsequent discussion.

The most comprehensive events are the traditional Days of Russian Language in the month of February and festivals in May-June, conducted by the RCSC towards the Single day of Russian Language.