The Day of the Defender of Fatherland Marked at the RCSC in Trivandrum

The Day of the Defender of Fatherland was marked with the opening of a Photo Exhibition «Glory to the Russian Soldier - the Defender of Peace» at the Roerich Art Gallery of the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) in Trivandrum on February 23, 2017.

More than 50 photographs reflecting the significance of the Russian Army were on display at the exhibition. The momentous history of the Soviet Army, their monumental role in the Great Patriotic War (1941-1945), the crucial role played by the Russian Army, Air Force and Navy in defending the territory of Russia, etc., are the important highlights of the exhibition.

Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation and the Director of the RCSC, Trivandrum Ratheesh Nair said: «Russian Army contributes greatly in combating terrorism. Thousands of Russian soldiers had lost their lives in protecting citizens of other nations from terrorists. Syria is a classic example for this».