Day of Russian Students Marked at the RCSC in New Delhi

The Day of Russian Students was marked, within the framework of the promotion of Russian Higher Education, at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) on January 25, 2017.

The highlight of the inter-active programme was the opening of a Photo Exhibition entitled “The History of the Moscow State University – the History of Education in Russia”.

A fair number of Russian language students attended the programme. The participants included Russian language teachers and Russian compatriots as well.

In a multi-media presentation, Ms. Tatiana Shipilova, Director, Institute of Russian Language, RCSC, described the history of Russia oldest university, the Moscow State University, named after Lomonosov, its leading role in the scientific, cultural and educational activities, the high-level standard and advantages of Russian education, as well as the tradition of the celebration of St. Tatiana’s Day in Russia and in fact the Day of Russian Students.

After the presentation, the participants asked many questions on the problems of modern system of higher education in Russia and the history of the Moscow State University.

The Photo Exhibition displayed over 30 photos and information materials on the largest Russian university reflecting the traditions of national education comprising the top three best universities within the BRICS Countries.