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A round-table discussion on “India-Russia Youth: Strengthening Bilateral Cooperation” held at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture (RCSC) on January 10, 2019 raised hope on the immense possibilities of intensive bilateral cooperation in major sectors of culture, economy, health, etc., using the vast potential of youth. In an emerging assessment, Russia considers India a major partner in the core sectors of economy and joint projects of entrepreneurship.

The round-table, organised jointly with the International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Clubs and the BRICS International Forum, made its first-ever event of 2019 instilling energy in vibrant youth activities towards national-building and human welfare objectives.

A 15-member Russian youth delegation, led by Ms. Tatyana Seliverstova, Deputy Chairman, All-Russian Public Organisation “Russian Union of Youth” participated in the round-table. A group of Indian students from the New Delhi Institute of Management was present at the event.

Followed by the welcome remarks made by Mr. Vasily Shagap, Chief Coordinator, (Culture & Information), RCSC. Ms. Purnima Anand, President, BRICS International Forum, traced the background of the Forum and activities pertaining to Indo-Russian Youth Clubs.

Mr. Fedor Rozovskiy, Director, RCSC, warmly welcomed the Russian delegation and appreciated the commendable activities and deliberations of the youths of Russia and India. He wished bright future for their successful work while heralding the New Year.

Ms. Tatyana Seliverstova, made an over-all briefing of creative activities of BRICS International Forum which could make signal contribution to the consolidation of inter-state exchange, tie-up. She made an appraisal of the intensive cooperation and dynamic work between the youth of Russia and India. She expressed the hope of tie-ups of young entrepreneurs. Referring to the “Youth Festival” scheduled for June this year, she expected 100 members from India at the event to be represented by 22 countries. She said 2019 will see ever-new bright future for BRICS thanks to vibrant activities.

Visualising the vast potential of youth, Mr. Alexander Senapati, Director, Strategic Planning and International Cooperation, BRICS International Forum,

noted that youth is leading in every field of activity of human life. He hoped that the youth will meet new challenges and revolutions.

The imperative of business incubator was stressed by Mr. Aleksei Ezhov, Director, Centre of International Cooperation, “Russian Union of Youth”.

“Youth’s guidance is imperative and youth’s efforts are admiring”, reiterated in his observation by Mr Bodhsingh Bhagat, M.P. Lok Sabha.

Elucidating the extensive joint project planned for the year, Mr. Ivan Kulshitskii, CEO, Limited Liability Company “Invest Consulting Reality”, Member, Russian-Chinese Club of Young Entrepreneurs, exhorted Indian youth to join the project keeping in view broad prospects of mutual benefit.

In an appreciate note on the performance of Indian students, Mr. Ruslan Voloshin, Vice Rector for Youth Policy, Moscow University of Finance and Law, pointed out that there existed a conducive atmosphere for much more inter-university interaction.

Pointing out the vast scope on medical field and pharmaceuticals, Mr. Oleg Almendeev, Business Development Director of the Group of Companies”Congressorg”, called upon young Indian entrepreneurs to joint the joint projects on broadening perspective.

Mr. Alexey Kulinich, General Director of the IGK Limited Company, Member of the Parliament, Orenburg Region, threw up an overall welcome to Indian partnership in the joint work.

Dr. Caroline Maninee, Administration Head, BRICS International Forum, who made several visits to Russia in its activities as well as partnership in New Generation Programme, shared her impressions imbibing a spirit of warmth, friendship and cooperation.

Focussing on sports car industry, Mr, Dheeraj Chowhan, Director, Daitya Automotive Industries Pvt. Ltd., warmly invited Russian partnership in building the infrastructure and other related joint projects.

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Traditional lightning of ceremonial lamp by chief guests
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Welcoming remarks by President of the BRICS International Forum Purnima Anand
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Speech by Deputy Chairman of Russian Youth Union Tatiana Seliverstova
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Member of Parliament Lok Sabha Shri Bodhsingh Bhagat
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Members of Russian delegation and guests of the centre
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Vice-rector for Youth Policy, Moscow University of Finance and Law Ruslan Voloshin