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With the launching of the new organisation entitled “India-Russia Foundation”, instituted by the Unity International Foundation, Russian-Indian relations would certainly receive an inspiring boost in the years to come. This organisation was official launched by H.E. Mr. Nikolay R. Kudashev, Ambassador of the Russian federation to India, at a special function organised at Hotel Samrat in New Delhi on April 25, 2018.

The presence of Indian and foreign diplomats, social personalities, educationists, students and media people created an ambiance of friendly relations between Russia and India.

Mr. R.N. Anil, General Secretary, Unity International Foundation, in his brief introduction, brought into focus the manifold landmarks made in Indo-Russian relations, particularly stressing on the unique Russian contributions making India stronger in different spheres of life.

H.E. the Russian Ambassador felt proudly privileged in launching the “India-Russia Foundation” which, he hoped, would contribute to the strengthening of ties between Russia and India. “Modern multi-faceted Russian-Indian relations are deeply embedded in the common historical destiny of achieving economic and social progress, in preventing the attempts to undermine the emerging multi-polar world order. Safeguarding world peace and international security...... By setting up “India-Russia Foundation”, you endeavour to continue the glorious tradition of promoting friendship and mutual understanding as well as maintaining friendly ties between the two peoples. The process of developing friendly contacts was initiated even before the Independence and laid an important political basis for erecting the edifice of bilateral cooperation”, Mr. Nikolay Kudashev observed.

Mr Dmitry Guzhelya, Advisor, Federal Agency of ROSSOTRUNICHESTVO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russian Federation, who made his conspicuous presence at the function, congratulated the “India-Russia Foundation” and guaranteed all help and support for Indian students seeking admission to Russian higher educational institutions.

Sharing his personal experience in becoming part of important official Indo-Russian relations, Mr. D. M. Mulay, Secretary, Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, noted that the ties between India and Russia are vibrant, inspiring and rewarding. He lauded the contributions of prominent Russian Indologists and diplomats. Hailing the steady increase of Indian students arriving in Russia for higher studies, he referred to them as India’s cultural ambassador.

Appreciating that the launching of “India-Russia Foundation”, would strengthen the edifice of Indo-Russian relations, Dr. Amarendra Khatua, former Director-General, ICCR, Government of India, pointed out that the time has come to make use of the maximum available Russian technology applicable to Indian economy, industry and science. He promised all help towards materialising in this regard.

Mr. B.S. Kalitha, M.P. and President of “India-Russia Foundation”,  said that India and Russia have historical relations and glorious past. As a young man, Mr. Kalitha had visited the USSR at the invitation of the Soviet organisation and shared his impressions. He expressed the hope that with the launch of the new organisation, people-to-diplomacy would receive a boost and assume a new dimension.

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Speech by Mr Nikolay Rishatovich KUDASHEV Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to the Republic of India
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Members of the Presidium
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Dmitry Guzhelya with members of “India-Russia Foundation”
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Performance by Indian students