Online Mathematics competition BRICSMATH.COM for Primary School learners

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On the 16th of October 2017 on the basis of the Russian educational platform ( will be launched a large-scale interactive project - online competition in mathematics for primary school students BRICSMATH.COM.

BRICSMATH.COM is a real intellectual tournament promising to become a big celebration of mathematics for children of all countries. Interactive and remarkable tasks of the competition are presented in the gamified form and do not require any special preparation.

The purpose of the competition is to bring learners from different countries together and unite them through building a common interest in mathematics and strengthening their logical thinking skills.

The tasks on BRICSMATH.COM will be provided in 15 languages including English, Portuguese, Russian, Hindi, Chinese and the official languages of South Africa. BRICSMATH.COM knows no boundaries.

Today more than 1 million participants from all around the globe have been registered on BRICSMATH.COM.

BRICSMATH.COM will be free for all participants. Online format of the competition will give the opportunity to every child to prove themselves regardless of their level of knowledge, social and geographical position.

To participate in BRICSMATH.COM a learner simply needs to have an access to computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

The competition will be held in two rounds, the main round will start on the 1st of November 2017. This day an official launch of the competition will take place in capital schools of five BRICS countries. To give a ceremonial start of BRICSMATH.COM the heads of education, famous state and public figures of the countries are invited.

For more information and registration visit BRICSMATH.COM